Critical study about recent advanced materials and their electrochemical sensing of organic pollutants


  • Hicham Meskher Laboratory of Valorization and Promotion of Saharian Ressources (VPSR), Kasdi-Merbah University, Ouargla, 30000, Algeria.



Advanced materials, Carbon based materials, Organic pollutant, Electrochemical sensing


Because of their unique physical, chemical, and biological characteristics, conductive nanomaterials have a lot of potential for applications in materials science, energy storage, environmental science, biomedicine, sensors/biosensors, and other fields. Recent breakthroughs in the manufacture of carbon materials, conductive polymers, metals, and metal oxide nanoparticles based electrochemical sensors and biosensors for applications in environmental monitoring by detection of catechol (CC) and hydroquinone (HQ) are presented in this review. To achieve this goal, we first introduced recent works that discuss the effects of phenolic compounds and the need for accurate, inexpensive, and quick monitoring, and then we focused on the use of the most important applications of nanomaterials, such as carbon-based materials, metals, and metal oxides nanoparticles, and conductive polymers, to develop sensors to monitor catechol and hydroquinone. Finally, we identified challenges and limits in the field of sensors and biosensors, as well as possibilities and recommendations for developing the field for better future applications. Meanwhile, electrochemical sensors and biosensors for catechol and hydroquinone measurement and monitoring were highlighted and discussed particularly. This review, we feel, will aid in the promotion of nanomaterials for the development of innovative electrical sensors and nanodevices for environmental monitoring.

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Meskher, H. (2023). Critical study about recent advanced materials and their electrochemical sensing of organic pollutants. Journal of Composites and Compounds, 5(15), 102–124.



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