In press A review on bimetallic composites and compounds for solar cell applications


  • Leila Bazli
  • Fariborz Sharifianjazi
  • Amirhossein Esmaeilkhanian
  • Maryam Nili Ahmadababdi
  • Bahman Amini Horri
  • Ashish Ravalia
  • Safiyeh Mohammadi
  • Abdurrahman Yolun
  • Kyusun Kim
  • Maryam Azimpour
  • Shwetha Rani R



Solar cells, Bimetallic, Composites, Compounds, Solar energy


The scientific community has developed several new physicochemical processes and technologies in response to the increasing global demand for energy. Amongst all other technologies, SCs (Solar cell), which is basically a photovoltaic (PV) device that can convert solar energy into electrical energy and power by generating voltage under light illumination. SC technology is one of the important for human civilization as it provides a renewable, sustainable, and green energy. However, despite the availability of PV systems for many years, power generation through SC technology remains costly due to them with low CE. The primary reason for this low efficiency is the limitation of semiconducting materials, such as, high recombination, wide band gap, low density of charge carriers.

In the present review, the basic mechanism and working of SC and techniques for modify SC have been discussed. The main focus of this review is to given an overview about the bimetallic materials and their application in SC. Bimetallic materials consist of two metallic components that can be synthesized using different methods. They exhibit exceptional properties, including improved electrical conductivity, tunable electrochemical activity, and high charge capacity compared to monometallic materials, making them promising candidates for use as electrochemical catalysts and photocatalysts...



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Bazli, L., Sharifianjazi, F., Esmaeilkhanian, A., Nili Ahmadababdi, M., Amini Horri, B., Ravalia, A., Mohammadi, S., Yolun, A., Kim, K., Azimpour, M., & Rani R, S. (2023). In press A review on bimetallic composites and compounds for solar cell applications. Journal of Composites and Compounds, 5(15), xx-xx.



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